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ND Health Allergy Treatment:

Treating The Cause Not Just The Symptoms

People who have allergies have a hyper-alert immune system that overreacts to a substance in the environment called an allergen. Exposure to what is normally a harmless substance, such as pollen, can cause your immune system to react as if the substance is harmful.

At ND Health, we help you identify and treat the cause and help reduce allergenic reactions to the environment and foods using natural supplements along with other naturopathic modalities.

Allergies Are On The Rise:

The numbers of incidences of allergies have increased dramatically in the recent times. Hypersensitivities involving bronchial symptoms such as asthma, for example, have nearly doubled in the last decade. Skin eczema and adverse reactions to food are also common. The premature introduction to foods, many being genetically modified [GMO] impairs digestion. To compound the problem, there is less diversity in foods which may lead to an allergic response as well as malnutrition. Food allergy causes the immune system to synthesize and release reactive chemical agents, called cytokines, lymphokines and interferons. These are hormone like substances can dramatically influence cellular physiology, producing far-reaching effects on the immune, endocrine and nervous functions eventually leading to a chronic state of immune hypersensitivity.

Excessive, regular consumption of foods which consist of artificial preservatives, as well as medicinal drugs, inherited genetic predisposition and the increased chemical pollution in our environment increase the risk of allergies.

Your Allergy Testing May Include:

Conventionally accepted medical approaches of assessment of food and environmental allergies may include various tests such as:

  • Blood tests – RAST and Elisa food testing for IgG + IgE food antibodies
  • Skin tests – small punctures made with needles containing tiny amounts of allergens.
  • The Food and Environmental Antibody Assessment- a blood test that checks IgG antibody levels for food [dairy, nuts, grains, spices etc.] and environmental substances [trees, molds, mites etc.]
  • Celiac Profile- A specific testing for celiac disease using a blood sample. Celiac disease is defined as a genetic, immune mediated enteropathy of the small bowel that results in malabsorption. The disease is characterized by sensitivity to the proteins found in wheat, and to a lesser extent, barley and rye.
  • Additional Assessments to check for the amounts of toxic elements such as aluminum, mercury and lead in the body. This is particularly relevant for individuals suffering from chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity, “foggy” brain, stress, thyroid problems and many other health conditions and also for those individuals employed in high risk occupations, including welding, metal working, mining, battery production, aerospace work, optical fiber and lighting manufacturing, and various other industries.

We Can Help:

The ND Health naturopathic approach to allergies is to treat the root cause of the problem. We can help you identify and treat the cause and decrease allergenic reactions to the environment and foods using natural supplements along with other naturopathic modalities. Alternative therapies help to reduce inflammation, minimize hypersensitivity reactions, modulate the immune system and heal the digestive tract.

ND Health Allergy Screening May Be Covered By Your Insurance Plan:

Most employer insurance plans cover Naturopathic Medicine and related services performed by an ND Health Naturopathic Doctor. You can find out if your insurance provides benefits by calling your insurance company’s patient information or benefits line. This number can be found on your insurance card, or simply call our office for more information.

ND Health can help you feel your best. Schedule a free consultation at any one of our convenient locations.

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