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ND Health Depression & Anxiety Therapy: A Natural Solution

ND Health Naturopathic therapy offers many physical, emotional and homeopathic nutritional solutions to managing psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Addressing The Root Cause:

It is important to determine and address the root cause of your stresses that trigger depression and anxiety. This state inhibits your ability to sleep, relax, and even think properly. If your body is in a stressed or depressed state for too long, your organs become exhausted and cannot sustain physical health. Mentally, you may feel too drained to deal with everyday life.

Your mind is very powerful. If we can harness the emotions and thoughts of the mind by allowing ourselves to become calm for extended periods of time, we can eventually learn to balance the feelings of stress in our lives. In a relaxed state, the body can heal itself more easily which reduces the risk for disease development.

Meditation, guided imagery, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation and encouragement of positive thinking are all techniques which help to treat the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The ND Health Approach:

Addressing all aspects of a person’s life by identifying the impact that stress and life challenges have on a patient’s health is an important aspect of ND Health naturopathic treatment. We also offer counseling as a way to get to the real source of the issues which are contributing to the situation. Our counseling programs are a safe haven for individuals and families to develop methods for coping with unexpected challenges, such as divorce, loss of a loved one, readjusting after war, addiction and overcoming anxiety.

ND Health’s experienced professionals treat each client uniquely, tailoring therapy to meet individual needs. Every person who walks through our door is offered the highest quality service in an environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

ND Health Naturopathic Medicine Is Covered By Most Insurance Plans

Most employer insurance plans cover Naturopathic Medicine and related services performed by an ND Health Naturopathic Doctor. You can find out if your insurance provides benefits by calling your insurance company’s patient information or benefits line. This number can be found on your insurance card, or simply call our office for more information.

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