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1. What is NDHealth?

We are a team of NDs who are seeking clinics whose owners are interested in selling to NDHealth, as well as individuals who would like to work in an existing clinic owned by NDHealth.

This opportunity is unique for Naturopathic physicians. Never before has the ND profession had the backing of a health care solutions company whose goal is to facilitate the professions’ growth and credibility in Canada.

2. Why would I want to sell my clinic and work with NDHealth?

All naturopathic doctors involved with running a clinic know how much time is involved with the multitude of business responsibilities. NDHealth’s role is to utilize the clinic infrastructure and be responsible for office administration, accounting, marketing, human resource and legal obligations. The goal is to facilitate the naturophathic clinic to function with business excellence, while allowing the naturopathic doctor to focus on clinical excellence. This will also open up time for the naturopathic doctor to have a more balanced lifestyle for themselves which will inevitably result in an improved quality of care.

3.  What other benefits will being involved in NDHealth provide me?

Being involved with NDHealth welcomes you into a network of naturopathic doctors who are all passionate about the profession and its growth. NDHealth facilitates the collaboration of all its Naturopathic doctors: we provide the opportunity for our members to share each other’s clinical experience and expertise.

4. What employment opportunities exist?

When a clinic is purchased by NDHealth and growth is accomplished, new positions for naturopathic doctors are created.

NDHealth is associated with a Healthcare Solutions Company PTHealth, who is implementing naturopathic doctors into their exisxting multidisciplinary clinics.

5. How do I get more information?

Contact one of NDHealth’s directors and they will be happy to spend the time discussing what opportunities may exist for you.

About ND Health
ND Health is dedicated to the holistic treatment of the human body. ND Health's team of experienced naturopathic doctors use diet, herbs, vitamins, and other natural modalities to help the body heal, recover, and attain an optimal level of health. Our natural and personalized approach focuses on providing the highest level of care. ND Health is committed to the overall health and wellness of our patients.
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