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Getting Started:

What to Expect At ND Health.

At ND Health, our philosophy is to honour your body’s own healing ability by addressing the root cause of your illness and promote health and balance, rather than simply treating or suppressing symptoms.

During your first appointment at any one of our ND Health locations, expect a caring ND to start with a thorough assessment. This assessment is of your overall health including nutrient deficiencies, pH, and absorption as well as food sensitivities.

We may also do a BodyIndex Assessment, determining your body’s muscle, fat and water ratio. This information helps us to determine the root cause of your imbalances that may be contributing to your current condition.

We then discuss your health goals, and help you develop a long term health strategy to achieve those goals. Our skilled Naturopathic Doctors will educate you on the importance of strengthening your immune system and will also inform you of natural alternative therapies and supplements available.

It is not necessary to go through your medical doctor to make an appointment with any of our practitioners, although many of our patients have come to us through their MD’s referral. We can work together with your MD to provide the most comprehensive care.

Schedule your free consultation today, and find out how ND Health can help you feel your best.

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About ND Health
ND Health is dedicated to the holistic treatment of the human body. ND Health's team of experienced naturopathic doctors use diet, herbs, vitamins, and other natural modalities to help the body heal, recover, and attain an optimal level of health. Our natural and personalized approach focuses on providing the highest level of care. ND Health is committed to the overall health and wellness of our patients.
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