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ND Health Breast Thermography:

A Safe Way To Monitor Breast Health

Breast Thermography has the ability to provide women with a radiation free, safe, effective, painless, non-invasive option for monitoring breast health and changes associated with disease.

Thermography, or digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI), has been approved by the United States FDA since 1983 for the adjunctive screening of breast cancer.

Since the single greatest risk factor for the development of breast cancer is lifetime exposure to estrogen, normalizing the balance of the hormones in the breast may be an important step in prevention. Certain thermographic signs may suggest the effects of hormones in the breasts. Angiogenesis, or new blood vessel formation, is necessary to sustain the growth of a tumor. Breast Thermography may be the first signal that the possibility of a tumor is developing. Naturopathic Medicines may be introduced to help regulate hormonal changes.

Thermal imaging is an adjunctive exam that is on the cutting edge of medical advancements. It can provide a more comprehensive picture of your breast health and hormonal changes. The visual image maps variations in skin temperature, which may indicate underlying vascular, muscular and neural disease.

DITI is especially useful for detecting early lesions before they otherwise become clinically evident. These changes could accompany cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, local injury, infections or vascular disease. If discovered, risk markers can warn a woman that she needs to work closely with her doctors, participate in regular checkups and closely monitor her breast health.

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