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ND Health Food & Environment Allergy Testing:

An Integrative Approach

Food and environmental allergies have been implicated in a wide range of medical conditions affecting virtually every part of the body. Certain exposures can be a detrimental to our health.

Those with sensitivities to foods, allergens, or molds can experience acute symptoms such as hives, sneezing, itchy eyes, headaches, stuffy nose, and skin reactions. Allergens can also cause serious disorders of the central nervous system.

Type I Immediate Hypersensitivity Reaction occurs right after ingestion or inhalation of an allergy due to immunoglobulins E (IgE) production.

Type III Delayed Hypersensitivity Reaction occurs when immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies are produced for several hours or days after exposure to an allergen and forms an immune complex with the allergen / antigen. There are several subclasses of IgG ranging from IgG1 – IgG4.

How We Help

ND Health uses an integrative approach to asses for the presence of sensitivities based on electro-dermal testing, immunoglobulin analysis, and Food Intolerance Testing. By analyzing the reaction of the body to a panel of potential airborne and ingested allergens, the underlying causes of food and environmental sensitivities can be properly addressed to improve the body’s tolerance and decrease the frequency and severity of symptoms.

ND Health Allergy Testing May Be Covered By Your Insurance

Most employer insurance plans cover Naturopathic Medicine and related services performed by an ND Health Naturopathic Doctor. You can find out if your insurance provides benefits by calling your insurance company’s patient information or benefits line. This number can be found on your insurance card, or simply call our office for more information.

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