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Popular ND Health Programs

ND Health services are safe for everyone, from infants to great grandparents, and everyone in between. We offer effective treatments for a wide variety of health problems. By using natural methods of healing, our doctors offer expertise in treating many diseases and conditions.

Although we offer many services, listed below are a few of our most popular health programs that we provide.

Detoxification: The ND Health Detoxification Program gives your body a chance to eliminate toxins and repair damaged tissue accumulated by everyday toxic compounds.

Active Weight Loss Program: The ND Health natural weight loss program focuses primarily on bringing your body to a state of metabolic balance. Metabolism must be corrected before weight loss can become fat loss.

Preoperative and Post Operative Recovery: ND Health treatment can help reduce complications, promote total healing and encourages a fast post-surgical recovery.

Smoking Cessation: Using naturopathy and acupuncture, you will detoxify your body from the toxins that are accumulated in the body over years of smoking, and be able to control and remove the cravings for cigarettes efficiently.

Pain Management and Recovery: At ND Health, we don’t just manage the physical sensation of pain, we also incorporate techniques for long term relief and recovery.

ND Health Naturopathic Medicine Is Covered By Most Insurance Plans

Most employer insurance plans cover Naturopathic Medicine and related services performed by an ND Health Naturopathic Doctor. You can find out if your insurance provides benefits by calling your insurance company’s patient information or benefits line. This number can be found on your insurance card, or simply call our office for more information.

Learn more about how ND Health can help you feel your best. Schedule a free consultation at any one of our convenient locations.

About ND Health
ND Health is dedicated to the holistic treatment of the human body. ND Health's team of experienced naturopathic doctors use diet, herbs, vitamins, and other natural modalities to help the body heal, recover, and attain an optimal level of health. Our natural and personalized approach focuses on providing the highest level of care. ND Health is committed to the overall health and wellness of our patients.
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