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Plant Extracts and Tinctures

Plants have been used as medicine for centuries. Aspirin derived from Willow bark, Digitalis derived from Foxglove, Opiate Painkillers from Poppy, Valium from Valerian root, to name just a few. Plant extracts in the form of tinctures (alcohol extract) or tea (water extract) can be used to treat many medical conditions and support overall health.

Plants contain nutrients as well as constituents with medicinal actions. In contrast to pharmaceutical medications where only 1 or 2 active constituents are used, botanical medicines contain many other synergistic compounds that naturally occur within the plant. Medicinal plants and plant extracts from all over the world are used according to traditional and modern scientific principles.

Naturopathic Doctors are the only licenced healthcare provider educated to prescribe botanical medicines. NDs are well trained in drug interactions and drug-associated nutrient depletions

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